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Quiz Game Master - Enhancements

Quiz Game Master games are built using open technologies such as html, css and javascript.
Therefore it is relatively easy to modify the games once they are built.

Note: You should be at least comfortable with a plain text editor and html tags to use these features.

Some Quiz Master Games allow you to use

  1. Html tags and Graphics as part of your questions or answers.
  2. Large Question Banks in several of the games.
  3. A mixture of 4 or 5 distractors (alternative answers) in several of the games.
  4. Question files built for one game and use them in another game.
  5. Bankrupt Quiz allows selection from a range of currencies - dollars, pounds, euros and yen.

1. Adding Html Tags and Graphics to Questions

Many html tags can be added to questions and answers.

For example the chemical formula for water could be displayed correctly by typing H<sub>2</sub>O. Which would then appear as H2O in the game.

In the same way Images can be added using html tags.

To add an image of a rose to a question or distractor use the following code in the QGM.
<img src=\'rose.gif\' />

Where rose.gif is the name of image file you want to use.

The games that currently support graphics are Bankrupt, Memory 1, Memory2, QuizBoard, Match the Terms and Dragon's lair.

Take care with the size of the graphics, if they are too large they may adversely affect the layout of the game.

Graphics should ideally be small, in gif or png format with their background colour set to transparent.

In addition when you distribute your game you must include the graphic files with your game.

Example 1

Tamara Eyster's Quiz on Set Notation

Example 2

2. Larger Question Banks for Several Games

Quiz Master Games and their Question file name.

Quiz Game NameQuestions file name
Dragons Lairdragon.js
Quiz Boardboard.js
Sink the Fleetwarquest.js
Operation Firestormwarquest.js
Save the Earthwarquest.js
Quiz Racingracequest.js
Complete the Phrasefillquest.js
Tic Tac Toetttquest.js
Super Tic Tac Toesupertttquest.js
Upgrade Your Wheelscarquest.js

Several games automatically support large question banks.

One implication of this is that when the same game is replayed different questions may be asked.

When a larger question bank is used the required number of questions for the game are drawn at random from the bank.
The question bank can be quite large, a question bank of over 600 hundred questions has been tested successfully.

You cannot build banks of this size using the QGM interface.
Instead it is easier to edit the javascript question file for each game using a plain text editor.
The table opposite details which question files are associated with which game.

You can add extra questions by using a plain text editor on the question file for each game.

Alternately if you have the expertise you might write a short program or script to add your questions.

Note 1: The extra questions must follow the same format as the other questions in that file.

Note 2: You will no longer be able to use the Load Text option in the QGM for this quiz once you do this.

3. Using 4 or 5 Distractors

A number of Quiz Game Master games can handle questions with either 4 or 5 distractors.
See the table in the section "2. Larger Question Banks for several Games" for details.

Use a plain text editor to add the additional distractors

4. Re-using Question banks

Several Quiz Game Master games share the same format for their questions.
Where this is the case you can move questions banks from one game to another.

Again see the table in the section "2. Larger Question Banks for several Games" for details.

Here are the steps

  1. Backup the existing question file in the new game folder in case you change your mind.
  2. Copy the question bank you want to use to the folder of the new game.
  3. Finally rename the question file to that used by the new game.

As I mentioned these are experimental features so results are not guaranteed.